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Healthcare Jobs - Borderless Talent Solutions


Borderless Talent Solutions

457 Visa Sponsorship

The Global Economic Downturn had many organisations thinking the Australian skills shortage had come to an end. In reality it never went away and now, as the resilient Australian economy is on the upturn, the local skills shortage is becoming more prevalent than ever.

Australia is one of the healthiest economies in the OECD. Current unemployment is at 5.2% and set to decrease. A population boom and overseas demand for our resources is fuelling a surge in infrastructure projects and resource industry developments. The Australian economy has also created a climate for innovation resulting in rapid growth in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector.

Today's global workforce is on the move as never before. Experis understands the complex issue of talent mobility and its growing role as a solution to the talent shortages that are affecting today's global labour markets.

The Experis Health and ManpowerGroup International Recruitment solution has been operating successfully across the globe for over 10 years. This solution enables our Australian clients to attract skilled employees from more than 40 countries. We work with wholly-owned ManpowerGroup operations to provide our clients with a solution that follows best practice principles and adheres to strict ethical and moral codes for both candidates and their families.

We have a deep heritage of operating with the highest level of integrity, our strong commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility is driven by our Global Values and underpins all our international sourcing practices.

Experis Health is able to source the following international Registered Nurse candidates who can be sponsored under our present Labour Hire agreement with DIAC:

  • Midwife 254111
  • Registered Nurse (Aged Care) 254412
  • Registered Nurse (Critical Care and Emergency) 254415
  • Registered Nurse (Mental Health) 254422
  • Registered Nurses (Nec) 254499

Important Conditions

  • Experis Health Registered Nurse remains the employee of Experis Health for a 24 month Term with a view at the end of contract the nurse will be absorbed into the organisation as a permanent employee at no extra charge.
  • Experis Health Registered Nurse will be supported with permanent residence pathway for seamless release to host organisation.
  • Experis Health assists the Registered Nurse and accompanying family in all aspects of migration, visa procurement, soft landing, Banking, Health Insurance, Telco and Utilities support, CRC, schooling, spousal employment through the ManpowerGroup networks and accommodation complete comprehensive living in Australia.
  • Experis Health Borderless Talent Solutions ensure Registered Nurse has advantage of being exposed to a similar health system which facilitates entry into the Australian systems.
  • Experis Health Registered Nurse is paid as per schedule and conditions of EBA or award of host organisation therefore reducing IR issues.
  • Experis Health Registered Nurse has flexibility throughout host organisation facilities as they remain the sponsored employee of Experis Health.
  • Experis Health Registered Nurse is absorbed into the organisation as a fulltime employee as a continuous shift worker supporting baseline rostering practices.
  • Experis Health Registered Nurse 2% of annual salary on training by the host facility.
  • Experis Health Registered Nurse is supported with professional development by our corporate membership with the soon to be amalgamated RCNA/ANC with ongoing support towards CPD AHPHRA guidelines.
  • Experis Health Registered Nurse will undergo duteous post placement performance in conjunction with host facility clinical line manager as per Experis' quality assured Quality Performance Program.
Experis Health Registered Nurse as per conditions of Services Agreement regarding termination remains the responsibility of Experis Health at no cost to host organisation.

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