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The collective offerings from our suite of solutions enable you to respond smartly and decisively to your talent challenges.
As your needs change or as your workforce management strategies expand, we have the resources to bring you a holistic solution.

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    Experis is an operating division focused on contract and permanent job placements in areas such as information technology, engineering, finance and accounting, healthcare and business professional fields. Experis also provides employers with innovative workforce and project solutions to improve operational efficiency, performance and cost containment.
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Healthcare Jobs - How We Can Help You


How We Can Help You

Experis Health selects candidates for our clients based on skills, attitudinal and cultural fit and has developed an ISO 9001:2008 accredited Predictable Performance System (PPS) which also meets RSCA Service Delivery Standards. This PPS governs the processes and competencies for screening and assessing candidates to ensure consistency and quality of hire.

Professional Talent Resourcing

Our recruitment methods and assessment techniques identify the right professional talent for any position. Our proven recruitment, assessment and selection methods ensure that we find you the right person with the right skills, making every opening an opportunity.

Suite of Services

Our approach is to support our client's through a range of recruitment solutions to suit their needs. Experis Health can draw on the following experience and knowledge in the provisioning of high quality healthcare professionals:

  • Temporary and Contractor Placement - We can provide the right talent at the right time providing the agility you need.
  • Permanent Placement - We make it easier for you to find the right professional for your permanent positions. Worried about making a wrong hire? We also offer contract to permanent placement option to ensure we've made the right match.
  • Career and Skill Development - We offer and extensive array of training and development solutions to help our associates build their skills and qualifications so that your business succeeds.
  • Borderless Talent Solutions - When you can't find the talent you need in your domestic market, we help you expand your search beyond geographic boundaries to create the work force you need to grow your business.

    Manpower's international talent mobility program has been successful for more than 10 years. Developed on the foundation of our existing network of recruitment experts, the best-in-class program offers a direct link to an available talent pool of more than 10 million candidates in 82 countries and territories around the global.

    Experis Health as part of the ManpowerGroup understands the complex issue of talent mobility and its growing role as a solution to the talent shortages that are affecting today's global labour markets. We are a global leader in professional talent recruitment.

    Experis Health assists with supplying Healthcare Professionals across all Health Verticals including Executive search on a permanent and temporary basis Australia wide and also has 457 sponsorship capabilities for Registered Nurses sustained by our labour agreement with DIAC.

    Experis Health's aims to outperform our competitor's not only in the delivery but format of our business offering and in all aspects of Candidate and Client care.

Project Solutions

Experis Health brings you the specialised offerings and the right talent; on-site, off-site or offshore, to keep track of your workforce, maintain agility and keep your initiatives on track. We provide clients with:

  • Flexible Work Models - Our project solutions can scale with your enterprise and evolve as your workforce needs change
  • Governance - Our approach to project governance ensures that you and your company reach your goals.
  • Analytics - Our technology-enabled solutions provide analytics to help you understand the "why" as well as the "what happened" of your programme.
  • Continuous Improvement - Our experts look for opportunities to improve our service to you even when our solutions are meeting your objectives.
  • Program Management - We balance our best practices with your business practices and key objectives. This includes on-site management where we assume all administrative burdens so you can focus on your core business.

Experis Health Offering Permanent Recruitment and Temporary Contracts

Our screening methodology is quality assured. Our recruitment and selection practices represent 'best practice’ solutions and are a proven method of predicting an employee’s success on the job. Our focus throughout the recruitment process is not on skills alone but also on objectively assessing the ability of candidates to apply skill sets in a specific environment.

All applicants would be subjected to:

  • Written application screening
  • Telephone screening - including job fit (skills and experience) and behavioural questions
  • Face to face or skype interview - including further skills and experience matching, cultural alignment and more detailed behavioural questioning as well as confirmation of qualifications, education and right to work eligibility documents
  • Relevant assessments - role and skill requirement-dependant
  • Reference checks with two managers covering a period of 5 years would follow successful client interviews. These will be targeted to clarify certain areas following the interviews.

Experis Health’s ability to fulfil the needs of your recruitment requirements includes but is not exclusive to the following:

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